Nov 052011

Well, here I am 24 hours into Twitter, I had been told on many occasions that it was something I should be doing…everyone is doing it these days…it is a must for businesses.

To be honest, I had my concerns:

  1. Do I really have the time to do this?
  2. Will I understand it? It has taken me enough time to learn how to use email, text etc. Will I understand the jargon? It seems as though there is a whole new language involved!
  3. Will people really be interested in what I have to say? My first faltering experiences of facebook has shown my friends posting that they are at the hairdressers…my thoughts are ‘who really cares?’

So far, I have managed to set up a twitter account, link this to facebook and LinkedIn, start following people, send a few tweets, receive some mentions and gain some followers! Maybe this isn’t going to be as frightening as I thought, or is it just beginners luck?

Watch this space…

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