Nov 262011
Is it worth it?  Absolutely!

At Beau Events we try to think of every eventuality and design our process and approach to elimintate problems and manage expectations.  I really don’t like the unexpected and I don’t want our clients to suffer from any lack of planning on our part.  Thus, we have 100% successful execution, even when it snows heavily and other suppliers fail to show up.  We put a lot of effort into our logistics planning and give ourselves breathing room so that we never let our clients down.  Prevention is always better than cure, as the saying goes.

This focus on getting it right every time is detailed, time consuming but actually stress reducing for the team here as well as the venue and client.  We run through the same planning process for each event and this gives us confidence in our resources required and the timing schedule needed.  As a business it gives us the capability to execute multiple events on the same day with confidence.

Is it worth it?  Absolutely.
Does anyone notice?  Yes, everyone.

Beau Events is the most professional company that I have worked with and I have been in the wedding Industry for 10 years, Everything is run to clock work and the most finer detail is thought of right down to the amount of time it takes to tie a sash. They provide every colour you can think of and if they haven’t got it they will find it for you, the quality of the work on the day is beyond expectation  and every bride is delighted right from point of contact to after the event. My advice is yes there are many many company’s providing chair covers and sashes but this is usually only a side line, Beau Events  specialise with only these products which is evident when you work with them. I cannot recommend this company highly enough, so any client interested in them please take the time to meet with them, you will not be disappointed.

Melissa Docherty | Sales Office Manager
Taplow House Hotel | Berry Hill, Taplow, Berks, SL6 0DA

Now, there are two really fabulous things about this testimonal:

  • It is from a respected source who can provide a qualified opinion
  • We we offered it unprompted, following an event.  Melissa kindly then wrote it up as you see it here.

We have set the bar very high and so far we are doing well.  The trick is not to relax, but to keep on improving further.   We “Go the extra mile” and it is a lonely place.

By Mark Flint

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