Nov 052011
Here at Beau Events we don’t get sucked into the trap of diluting our core specialisms and services with “cross-sell” offerings.
Instead, we focus on giving our customers what they really, truly want from our chosen specialist area.  We continue to do the hard work of “making it easy” for our customers and partners to engage with us, become educated and informed and allow them to design, choose and buy from us.
By providing a focussed quality solution, delivered with exceptional service in an easy, value adding way, our customers choose to buy from us without any pressure. In fact we don’t “sell” at all!
This it turns out is not easy to set up and you have to learn and react to lessons really quickly.  Customers don’t just magically appear, so marketing is useful but nothing beats word of mouth recommendations.  You have to hold your nerve, trust your instincts and stick with the plan.
So despite not “selling” or applying any pressure or obligation, look at all the venues and events that have chosen Beau Events in such a short period here

By Mark Flint

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