Nov 042011

Well, it seems there is business value in Twitter, by creating a network of networks of contacts and everyone happily mentioning a few choice words about each other, all with the hope that a prospective consumer of our services might go to our website and look around based on the recommendationd of others…  Not exactly a hard, measurable return on the time investment, but more like the soft results from networking meetings.

Someone said to me that Twitter is the new way to do marketing and I had to correct them by saying that it is A new way, but not THE only way.  The other marketing channels don’t just die off, however the marketing strategy needs to incorporate Twitter, Facebook and other social media mechanisms.

So now we must learn the new jargon and make it a habit of updating our Twitter and Facebook accounts with relevant, interesting updates.  If I ever tweet that I’m getting my hair cut, someone shoot me!

By Mark Flint


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