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Chair covers photos… 60,000 views!

Dateline: 7th August 2011 and we begin to publish chair covers photos on Flickr from all our earlier events.

We had taken pictures of all our events before and kept them on file. At that time Flickr became our chosen channel for the world to see our growing archive.

Roll forward 13 months to 5th September 2012 and we achieve 30,000 views of the chair covers photo archive, averaging 2300 views per month. Impressive!

Just another five and a half months later to today, Friday 22nd February 2013 and we have doubled the views to 60,000, meaning these last five and a half months have increased the average to over 5400 views per month!  We think that’s pretty good too.

Today, our Flickr archive consists of photos from well over 400 events with chair covers in all manner of colours and fabrics from our unrivalled range.  We curate the Flickr archive into collections by venue and by colour with each picture carefully and consistently tagged, meaning easy navigation and something of interest and relevant is easy to find.
Our new streamlined, responsive website gives easy access to the archive without having to go directly to the Flickr website.

Flickr stats from 22-Feb-2013 showing 60000 views
Flickr stats from 22-Feb-2013 showing 60000 views

Since 2016 we have been publishing our photos directly through our own WordPress website. You can see our gallery of over 13000 photos here.