May 202017

Beau Events is proud to announce the launch of our new picture gallery with over 12,400 photos of chairs dressed by us!

Our brand new gallery provides photographs of all of the events our fitting teams have dressed since we started in 2009. We believe that it is the largest archive of chair cover pictures in the world with photos of over 1000 events!  It has taken many months of hard work and long hours to put together but we are thrilled with the results.

The gallery boasts a clean and easy to use design that enables you to easily search our archive. The gallery can be searched in many different ways:

  • By venue – from the complete list of venues we have worked with
  • By colour range – from the complete list of over 220 colours that we have available, grouped by 22 colour range pages
  • By fabric type – from of our list of 11 different fabric types
  • By tying style – from our extensive and expanding range of different tying styles
  • By category – choose from wedding, celebration or party
  • By tag – from the huge list of tags for more detailed searches

Our growing list of testimonials are also shown in the gallery, with links through to the event photos that they refer to.

We invite you to explore the gallery which will be continually updated with each new event that we dress.

You might ask why we have gone to the effort of putting together this complete set of photos. It is simply because we are keen to show that each and every one of our events gets the multi-award winning, top notch service and attention to detail that we have always been known for.

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