The Beau Events Team!

Beau Events always prides itself on providing an excellent service to all of our clients, whether they be bridal couples or corporate clients. We would not be able to provide this top quality service without our amazing team!

We offer flexible working hours and get to spend time in some of the best venues in Berkshire and the surrounding areas. We sometimes even get the chance to meet celebrities along the way. We have fun whilst expecting extremely high standards from all of our team members. Our entire team are fully trained in the art of tying bows beautifully and to perfection. The little details really do matter!

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with around 70 different team members. The length of time that people stay with us varies. Some have worked with us for a while before moving on to more permanent positions, others are still with us after a number of years, having been with us through their university years and beyond. Most of our team members come from the villages surrounding our business premises in Swallowfield, and for many it is their first opportunity of paid work. We have often been told that young people struggle to get part-time jobs, possibly whilst studying at university, because they do not have any work experience. We are proud to have given so many young people the opportunity to work as part of a team, to gain experience in the world of work and to feel a sense of achievement.

We recently received a lovely Thank You card from one of our team members:

Dear Fi,

I feel like I never got to do this properly in person so I just wanted to write and say thank you so much. You gave me the best first job I could have wished for and I still miss it now I’m not living in Swallowfield. I hope you are well – my email and phone number are still the same and I would love to keep in touch. 

Thanks so much again!

Love, Rowan