No User Guide…?

OK, where is the manual?  I seem to be facing some Twitter inertia and I need more of a push.

Progress: some success so far, but there seem to be a lot of not-so-obvious technicalities and unwritten protocols.  For example the #FF hash-tag.  So the protocol here seems to be that you send out a tweet on Friday with the #FF tag and then mention all the good folk you have interacted with that week, using the @name system.  This seems to be a way of spreading the word to your followers of someone they in turn might like to follow.

Why #FF?  Who knows…  Reminds me of Unix operating system commands which were equally short and difficult to guess.

By Mark Flint


Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Is it worth it?  Absolutely!

At Beau Events we try to think of every eventuality and design our process and approach to elimintate problems and manage expectations.  I really don’t like the unexpected and I don’t want our clients to suffer from any lack of planning on our part.  Thus, we have 100% successful execution, even when it snows heavily and other suppliers fail to show up.  We put a lot of effort into our logistics planning and give ourselves breathing room so that we never let our clients down.  Prevention is always better than cure, as the saying goes.

This focus on getting it right every time is detailed, time consuming but actually stress reducing for the team here as well as the venue and client.  We run through the same planning process for each event and this gives us confidence in our resources required and the timing schedule needed.  As a business it gives us the capability to execute multiple events on the same day with confidence.

Is it worth it?  Absolutely.
Does anyone notice?  Yes, everyone.

Beau Events is the most professional company that I have worked with and I have been in the wedding Industry for 10 years, Everything is run to clock work and the most finer detail is thought of right down to the amount of time it takes to tie a sash. They provide every colour you can think of and if they haven’t got it they will find it for you, the quality of the work on the day is beyond expectation  and every bride is delighted right from point of contact to after the event. My advice is yes there are many many company’s providing chair covers and sashes but this is usually only a side line, Beau Events  specialise with only these products which is evident when you work with them. I cannot recommend this company highly enough, so any client interested in them please take the time to meet with them, you will not be disappointed.

Melissa Docherty | Sales Office Manager
Taplow House Hotel | Berry Hill, Taplow, Berks, SL6 0DA

Now, there are two really fabulous things about this testimonal:

  • It is from a respected source who can provide a qualified opinion
  • We we offered it unprompted, following an event.  Melissa kindly then wrote it up as you see it here.

We have set the bar very high and so far we are doing well.  The trick is not to relax, but to keep on improving further.   We “Go the extra mile” and it is a lonely place.

By Mark Flint


First experiences of Twitter

Well, here I am 24 hours into Twitter, I had been told on many occasions that it was something I should be doing…everyone is doing it these days…it is a must for businesses.

To be honest, I had my concerns:

  1. Do I really have the time to do this?
  2. Will I understand it? It has taken me enough time to learn how to use email, text etc. Will I understand the jargon? It seems as though there is a whole new language involved!
  3. Will people really be interested in what I have to say? My first faltering experiences of facebook has shown my friends posting that they are at the hairdressers…my thoughts are ‘who really cares?’

So far, I have managed to set up a twitter account, link this to facebook and LinkedIn, start following people, send a few tweets, receive some mentions and gain some followers! Maybe this isn’t going to be as frightening as I thought, or is it just beginners luck?

Watch this space…


It’s not rocket science…

Here at Beau Events we don’t get sucked into the trap of diluting our core specialisms and services with “cross-sell” offerings.
Instead, we focus on giving our customers what they really, truly want from our chosen specialist area.  We continue to do the hard work of “making it easy” for our customers and partners to engage with us, become educated and informed and allow them to design, choose and buy from us.
By providing a focussed quality solution, delivered with exceptional service in an easy, value adding way, our customers choose to buy from us without any pressure. In fact we don’t “sell” at all!
This it turns out is not easy to set up and you have to learn and react to lessons really quickly.  Customers don’t just magically appear, so marketing is useful but nothing beats word of mouth recommendations.  You have to hold your nerve, trust your instincts and stick with the plan.
So despite not “selling” or applying any pressure or obligation, look at all the venues and events that have chosen Beau Events in such a short period here

By Mark Flint



Hello and welcome to The Beau Events Blog.

Here we aim to provide some insights into our business, being a specialist chair covers business in the Thames Valley, UK.
Our main web site is here:

By Mark Flint



Twitter… for business… what’s the point?

Well, it seems there is business value in Twitter, by creating a network of networks of contacts and everyone happily mentioning a few choice words about each other, all with the hope that a prospective consumer of our services might go to our website and look around based on the recommendationd of others…  Not exactly a hard, measurable return on the time investment, but more like the soft results from networking meetings.

Someone said to me that Twitter is the new way to do marketing and I had to correct them by saying that it is A new way, but not THE only way.  The other marketing channels don’t just die off, however the marketing strategy needs to incorporate Twitter, Facebook and other social media mechanisms.

So now we must learn the new jargon and make it a habit of updating our Twitter and Facebook accounts with relevant, interesting updates.  If I ever tweet that I’m getting my hair cut, someone shoot me!

By Mark Flint