Butterfly Bow In Taffeta With Diamante Buckle

sash is the large ribbon of fabric tied around a chair, normally into a chair bow.  Our ‘standard’ bows are tied much like a formal bow tie, and look a little like the profile of a butterfly, so we call them Butterfly Bows.  Normally the chair is covered in a chair cover before the sash is applied.

All of our sashes and coordinating items are hand-made by us from our unique range of fabrics and colours.

Why use sashes?

The purpose of a sash is to turn a normal or even boring chair into an attractive, decorative element of the event.  The colour of the sash is really important as it will need to coordinate with the chosen theme.  As each dressed chair has a sash tied around it and the room can be full of dressed chairs, then the chair sash itself can be one of the dominant influences of colour on the room’s overall appearance.  Proper colour coordination with other items in the room is therefore essential.

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