Tying Styles

At Beau Events, we pride ourselves on the way that we tie our chair sashes, for us, it is a work of art. Over the years we have developed many different ways to tie sashes so we have a wide range of tying styles to offer our clients.

  • We never rush the fitting of any event. So you can be certain that your event will get the best level of attention that it deserves to make it a truly special event for you.
  • If you want a single coloured sash tied in a bow, we have perfected our Butterfly Bow style. This can be adapted to become a Double Butterfly Bow for you if you choose to have a second coloured sash as part of their scheme.
  • For events where bows are not really appropriate, such as corporate events, we can offer you an alternative option by tying the sashes in our Corporate Knot style.
  • If you want something a little bit different we have introduced our Rose Knot tying style. This can be done with either a single sash or a double sash, making it a Rose Knot & Leaves.

Whichever tying option you choose, you can be certain that all of the sashes will be tied perfectly. We always ensure that the sashes are all tied the same way as each other, with the bows or knots all the same size. The tails of the sashes are all pointing the same way and are all the same length. The sashes are all the same height on the chairs are aligned so that they are all perfectly straight.

Chiffon Weaves
Corporate Knot In Silk
Butterfly Bow In Taffeta With Diamante Buckle
Rose With Leaves In Double Knot Of Satin And Organza
Single Butterfly Bow In Taffeta
Sideways Bow
Double Bow Of Two Satins With Half Fold Of Sash In Front Of Chair
Chair Sleeve Mint Green Ruffle On Cheltenham Chair
Double Bow Of Lace Half Folded Over A Taffeta Sash With The Bow Loops Separated
Double Bow Of Lace Covering Satin With Half Fold Sash Around The Chair
Double Bow Of Lace Fully Covering Satin
Rose Knot In Organza
Double Rose Knot
Chiffon Drop