Jun 222023

We keep pictures.  Lots.  Of everything we do.  Especially the pretty, visually pleasing stuff.  We have collected pictures of each event since the beginning of 2010.

So today, having uploaded the latest batch of pictures (317) into Flickr, having applied copious, relevant tags for each picture, having grouped pictures into sets (28 new ones), having added each of the new sets to the appropriate Colour collection (21 ranges) and Venue collection, having updated the ‘GeoTag’ data for each set (so they appear in the right place on the map), I then realised that we have enough of a data population (6538 published photos, 458 unique sets with 56 appearing in mutiple colour collections) to start pulling out some interesting stats about colour.

With 52.5% between them, the top 6 colour ranges (of 21) take over half the events.  In fact the top 3 account for nearly a third (31.3%) of all events.

Purple, Aubergine
Ivory, Cream
Gold, Yellow
Mid Blue, Navy
Silver, Grey
Burgundy, Dark Red


For the period beginning 2010 until mid-June 2023, the following graph shows the popularity of each colour range.  The colour range listed matches our unique Swatch Book (which some of our regular venues have copies of) and on each page of the Swatch Book are a number of fabric swatches, varying from 7 to 18+ on each page.  We have over 220 colours in our Swatch Book with many more in reserve should the need arise.

Colour Statistics

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