About Sashes

Example of dressed and undressed chair

Ordinary undressed chairs are transformed with a chair cover and colour coordinated sash

A sash is the large ribbon tied around a chair.  Normally the chair is covered in a chair cover before the sash is applied.

Why use sashes?

The purpose of a sash is to turn a normal or even boring chair into an attractive, decorative element of the event.  The colour of the sash is really important as it will need to coordinate with the chosen theme.  As each dressed chair has a sash tied around it and the room can be full of dressed chairs, then the chair sash itself can be one of the dominant influences of colour on the room’s overall appearance.  Proper colour coordination with other items in the room is therefore essential.

Before and after…

Example of undressed chairs

A wedding ceremony layout without using chair covers

Example of ceremony layout with chair covers

Wedding ceremony layout with perfect fit chair covers

Influences on the colour theme

Often the colour theme is based around a bridesmaid’s dress.  It could be based on flowers or some other key component that is important.  Sometimes the theme can be ‘fairly neutral’ or even designed to coordinate with the room’s own décor.

Perception of colour is completely subjective and only YOU can decide what looks right.   Given that colour coordination is important, then accepting a generic colour sash does not make much sense.  Bring your things that you are basing your theme on along to a consultation at the venue to ensure the overall effect is what you desire.

There are no “rules” to constrain your ideas about colour schemes

All kinds of fabrics in all kinds of colours

All kinds of fabrics in all kinds of colours

So therefore we have sourced and use an unrivalled fabric range.

Our exclusive Swatch Book contains over 200 colours in a variety of fabrics giving you the best choice available for your event’s colour scheme.  We make all our own beautiful sashes, table runners and other coordinating items using our unrivalled range, all painstakingly sourced by us for their quality, suitability and value.

Have the exact colour scheme you want!

Example of Single Sash

Example of Single Sash. In this example, burgundy taffeta in a bow.

Our huge unique range of colours and fabrics really means you can have the exact colour scheme you want without compromise.

Single piece sashes

These are beautiful hand made sashes using high quality fabrics, properly edged and colour matched from the same batch of fabric rolls.  Most events use a single sash.  If you have more than one key colour then consider the following options:


Double Sided / Two piece / Duo Sash

These are beautiful custom made double sided sashes using two separate fabric pieces sewn together

Example of Double Sided Sash

Example of Double Sided Sash on black chair cover

Double or two-piece Sash

Double Sash with lace over taffeta

Duo Sashes in black and gold on white chair covers.

Example of Duo Sashes in black and gold on white chair covers.









Chair sleeve & dusky pink ruffle on Chaivari chair

Chair sleeve & dusky pink ruffle on Chiavari chair

Chair sleeve & mint green ruffle on Cheltenham chair

Chair sleeve & mint green ruffle on Cheltenham chair

For an alternative to sashes, how about ruffles? These are custom made by us in a variety of colours to coordinate with your theme. They make a stunning new alternative to chair covers and sashes, should you want them.