Chair Cover Types

Have you noticed that chairs come in all shapes and sizes, as well as colours?

We recognised this as key when designing our chair covers. To us, it was clear that for a polycotton chair cover to work it had to be tailored for the specific chair, otherwise, it looked awful. It was also clear that a Spandex universal cover would not do, as it was often too stretched, the wrong shape for the chair and/or created ‘ski ramps‘ on the seat making it uninviting to sit on.

Does one size fit all?  Definitely not!  Make sure you don’t end up with something like these..!

Help is at hand!

To avoid these problems we invested in detailed tailoring of several designs of chair cover types:-

  • Our range of smart, perfect fit stretchy ‘Lycra’ chair covers are designed by us to cope with the multitude of chair designs we deal with.  We have at least 8 designs in each of white, ivory and black.
  • Our luxurious twill fabric fitted covers are tailored for specific models of a chair and made to our specifications so that they fit perfectly and are top quality.
  • We have many different designs, sizes and styles of chair cover so that we are able to cover a multitude of chairs.
  • We hold several thousand chair covers in stock, in black, ivory and white so we can cater for all event types.

Our specially designed stretchy Spandex chair covers use the best qualities from both polycotton and Spandex types of chair covers, whilst avoiding the pitfalls of them. Our stretchy chair covers use Lycra to ensure a good fit whilst, uniquely, being tailored for the target chair.
For certain partner hotels of ours, we have invested in top-of-the-range, bespoke ‘Poly-Twill’ chair covers. These are made from top-quality polyester fabric in a ’twill’ weave, (a bit like the weave in denim or chino trousers) meaning the fabric is thicker, more luxurious, flows more elegantly and with a more opaque appearance than standard polycotton or Spandex alternatives, and yet launders excellently.
We also offer an exciting new alternative to traditional chair covers in the form of romantic chiffon chair sleeves with colour coordinating chiffon and lace curly willow ruffles.

Beau Events means Experience; Professionalism; Friendly & Easy; Confidence; Unique fabrics; Over 250 colours; Expert fitting teams; Innovative sash tying styles;

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Why is there so much variety with chair covers?

We spent a long time researching and testing out different types of chair covers before settling on our own designs. Chair covers are available in 2 main types from other, general suppliers:

  1. Polycotton chair covers
  2. Spandex chair covers

Type 1: Polycotton chair covers (which rarely contain cotton, they are normally polyester in a plain weave) tend not to fit very well unless they are made to measure for a particular style of chair. Most companies supplying these hope that their generic size cover fits your venue’s specific chairs, as having tailored chair covers made is very expensive. Generic polycotton chair covers often have a loose-fitting appearance and can appear very creased and wrinkled which gets even worse when a sash is tied around them.

  • In our opinion, you would be advised not to bother with these generic chair covers at all if the only option was a poorly fitting polycotton cover.
  • Tip: Avoid disappointment and ensure you see the proposed chair covers fitted to your venue’s chairs before placing your order.

Type 2: Spandex chair covers (a.k.a. stretchy) are made from durable polyester and contain Lycra for stretch fit.  These chair covers typically come in one-size and is stretched to fit all sizes and shapes of a chair. This often means they are overstretched and cause a ‘bowed’ effect at the rear of the seat, making it uninviting to sit on. Often the Spandex fabric is quite shiny when overly stretched which means the guest can feel a little at risk of slipping off the chair. Again, other suppliers hope their one-size-fits-all cover will fit your venue’s chairs nicely. Often they do not fit satisfactorily.

  • Tip: As with polycotton chair covers, avoid disappointment and ensure you see the proposed chair covers fitted to your venue’s chairs before placing your order.
At Beau Events, we only provide chair covers that fit well and that you are happy with.  During your consultation, you will be able to choose from the available chair covers and see which you prefer for your scheme.

At your consultation, you will also be able to see our stunning new alternative to chair covers: Sleeves and Ruffles.