Booking for an event

  • How far in advance do we need to book your services?
    We recommend that you book our services as soon as possible. We do get enquiries and bookings well in advance of the event dates and certain periods are more popular than others and book up quickly. As we make our sashes to order we need at least one month’s lead time to prepare an order, and would prefer longer at busy times of the year. As soon as we have received your booking we will purchase your chosen fabric and prepare the order, ensuring everything is exactly as you want it to be.

Chair Covers

  • What type of chair covers do you use?
    We stock a wide range of stretchy and tailored fitted covers.  We spent a long time researching the types of chair covers that are available, before finally settling on our designs. We ruled out the so-called generic fitted chair covers as we found they did not fit well enough. Unless a chair cover is made-to-measure for a specific chair there will always be a compromise with the fit. This may mean that the top of the cover is loose, or it hangs badly around the feet. When a sash is tied around the cover it will then pull and crease across the back of the chair. Our stretchy covers are made of a lycra stretch material which allows them to fit most chairs nicely with a crease-free finish. Our stretchy covers are available in small, medium and large and a range of styles in each size.  Our tailored chair covers are made for specific models of chairs and look fantastic.  We will always ensure that we use the correct one for your chosen venue.

Event theming

  • Can you provide chair covers and sashes that match my chosen theme?
    We have over 200 colours, in a range of fabrics, so it is very likely that we will be able to match your chosen colour scheme exactly. If, however, we do not already have the precise shade you can provide us with a sample and we will then strive to source the matching fabric.


  • What types of fabric do you offer?
    We make all our own sashes, runners, swags, overlays and so on, which gives us the freedom to use *any* fabric, not just organza. Currently we use sheer organza, two-tone organza, crystal organza, voile, lamé, tartan, shimmer satin, chinese silky satin, premium acetate satin, IMI silk, faux silk taffeta, standard taffeta, two-tone taffeta, crepe backed satin, satin backed silk and specialised prints. We add to the list when a particular colour match is required by our client.
  • Why do you use different fabrics?
    We have chosen the different types of fabrics because they each have a distinctive and unique look. Organza is a flowing lightweight fabric which allows light to pass through it, giving a soft look. The satins give a much more striking look and often look even more stunning against a black chair cover. The taffetas are again a very striking fabric with a beautiful sheen to them, especially the two-tone ones which show different colours in different lighting situations. The silks are simply stunning!
    Our unique range of fabrics allows us to offer the widest choice of colours available to best match your theme.
  • Why do you make your own items?
    Beau Events offers the widest choice of fabrics and colours. By making all the items ourselves, we can guarantee that all items are the same shade, i.e. all the sashes will be the same shade. Not only that, but all the other items we make will be the same shade too, so your table runners, swags, overlays and so on are made from the same rolls of fabric.
    It’s a huge effort by us to make our sashes, compared to simply buying in sashes ready made from China, but it is the only way to ensure the colours match across all sashes and other items and gives us the flexibility to create customised items like the beautiful swags we create and the the custom length table runners for top tables. No other company is able to provide the level of service that we do for you.


  • Are you able to decorate our venue the day before our event?
    Where possible we prefer to decorate the venue the day before the event, allowing plenty of time to ensure everything is perfect for your special day. Sometimes this may not be possible, as your chosen venue may already have another event the day before. In these cases we will liaise with the event co-ordinator at the venue to sort out a suitable time to set up on the day of your event. We aim to be finished and gone by two hours before you need the room.
  • Will you be able to arrange everything direct with my venue co-ordinator?
    Yes, we will work closely with the venue co-ordinator to ensure everything is perfect for your event. If your venue is new to us, we will arrange to visit the venue and meet with the co-ordinator to introduce ourselves and familiarise ourselves with the venue and their chairs.


  • Do you offer standard chair cover packages?
    We prefer not to have standard packages as we believe each event is unique and we find that the requirements for each event vary enormously. We have standardised our pricing, so that we have a ‘per chair’ price, which is the same for single sashes in organza, satin or taffeta. We are happy to discuss your own requirements in detail and then prepare a bespoke quote for you. Our pricing is designed to be transparent, we have no hidden charges.  The best thing to do is talk to us as from time to time we make certain bundles available at advantageous prices.
  • My venue already has chair covers, can you just provide the sashes?
    Absolutely. We regularly work with a number of high quality venues that have invested in their own chair covers. Our service and dedication to excellence remains the same whether we are providing the chair covers or using the venues own with our sashes. Our price list separates out chair cover hire from sash hire and so you will only be paying for exactly what you need and nothing more.


  • Can we meet with you to discuss our requirements?
    We would always recommend that we meet to discuss your requirements in person. This initial, no-obligation consultation will allow you time to time to work out or finalise your colour scheme and get ‘touchy feely’ with the fabrics. You will be able to view our range of sashes and chair covers first hand, and see how your chosen colours will look on our sample chairs. It is not possible to describe how the sashes will look over the phone, they need to be seen. Even the photos on our website do not do them justice!