Why Make Sashes

Making our own items

Making our own items

Make Sashes?  Beau Events, uniquely, makes its own sashes, swags, table runners and other bespoke items

All of our sashes and coordinating items are hand-made by us from our unique range of fabrics and colours.

Why make sashes and coordinating table dressings?

Simply because the bought in, mostly imported, ready-made stock that our competitors use suffers from three main drawbacks:

  • Only ‘standard’ fabrics and colours are available
  • Coordinating items, e.g. table runners (if available) do not actually match the colour of the sashes
  • Customised items, e.g. longer table runners for a Top Table, are not available
Chair sleeve & dusky pink ruffle on Chaivari chair

Chair sleeve & dusky pink ruffle on Chiavari chair

How do we know this?

  • We found that when we bought ready-made (typically Chinese) samples, the table runners, sashes and overlays which were supposed to match each other were all different shades – nothing matched satisfactorily
  • The ready-made items of different types (sashes, runners etc.) came from different rolls of fabric, and possibly were even made in different factories
  • There was no option for custom size items
  • There was no option for a wider variety of fabrics and colours

Our view is that if we were not happy with this then our clients would not be either, so we decided that we could provide a better service if we made the items ourselves.

Unrivalled fabric range

Unrivalled fabric range

The benefit to you of us making our own items

  • Our items are all skilfully hand made from rolls of fabric from the same batch with the same dye lot number, so they are guaranteed to match each other.
  • Our items are properly edged with a neat hem to prevent them from fraying
  • Our items can be made from a range of fabrics, including organza, satin, taffeta, lamé, and tartan
  • Our items are available from a choice of over 200 colours, so you can get the exact shade that you are looking for
  • If we do not currently have the exact shade that you want, we will try our utmost to source it for you FREE

Our fabrics:

  • Sheer Organza
  • Sheer two-tone Organza
  • Crystal Organza
  • Crystal two-tone Organza
  • Taffeta
  • Acetate Satin
  • Shimmer Satin
  • Crepe backed Satin
  • Silky Satin
  • IMI Silk
  • Dupion Silk
  • Faux silk Taffeta
  • Satin backed Silk
  • Lamé
  • Tartan
  • Valentine prints
  • Hessian
  • Lace
  • Chinese prints
  • Halloween prints
  • Christmas prints
  • Flag prints