Our Service means peace of mind for you

We want you to have complete peace of mind when you trust your chair coverssashes and colour scheme to us, so call Fiona on 07590 987780 to request your free, no-obligation consultation.

The consultation is a high value service just for you.  One of our team will bring example chair covers and sashes in every one of our over 250 colours in a variety of fabrics to your chosen venue, allowing you to try out and see for yourself how your chairs and tables will look on your special day.  If meeting at the venue is not convenient then you are most welcome to visit our premises instead, where we have everything on display and a variety of chairs available so we can match your venue’s chairs closely.

Choosing and reviewing colours and fabrics is difficult over the phone or by email, so we prefer to meet you and work with you to develop your perfect solution before you place your order or pay any money. Our clients agree that this try-out service is by far the best way to ensure your colour scheme works exactly as you intend within the surrounding colours and tones of your chosen venue.

Once you have had your consultation then we prepare and send to you your itemised estimate, which will detail any special requirements you have, such as tying styles, as well as specific chair cover types and fabric colour codes.

Clients booking with us are provided with swatches of the chosen fabric.

Venue relationships

Anecdote: The General Manager at a very prestigious five-star hotel gave us his view that “our approach went beyond good service”, which he expected from all his suppliers, “our approach provided hospitality to the client.” We have excellent relationships with the staff and management at our ‘regular’ venues. For each new venue we are invited to work with, we will visit the venue to meet the management and wedding/event co-ordinator personally, as well as ensure we have identified the types of chairs to be used for your event, so that we employ the correct chair cover designs from our extensive range.  We stay in regular contact with your venue, which means we can provide continuity between us and your chosen venue ensuring a seamless perfect service.

Fitted services on the special day

Almost all of our events are fitted by us because venues are often not available to dress the day before and so the rooms have to be dressed on the day of the event.  We work with the venue before hand to understand when the rooms will be available for us to begin fitting.  For example, some ceremony rooms are also used to serve breakfast, meaning we can’t gain entry until 11am.  If the ceremony starts at 1.30pm, then we put a big team on the job to ensure it is turned around expertly and within the limited time available.

We have a large team of trained fitters which means we can easily cope with more than one event a day (often 6!)  Our expert logistics system ensures that each event is staffed perfectly for the size of event and time slot available.  All travel and fitting timings are calculated very accurately by our logistics system which means that we arrive on time, expertly fit the items taking care to line up everything perfectly (and take photos for publishing on the internet)  and leave the venue normally 2 hours or more before your event uses it.

Why not “Hire Only” if you have the time and resources?

We would not recommend you fitting your own chair covers on the day of your marriage – you have enough to do already! If you have sufficient time before the event, and some ‘willing hands’ available to help, you can also hire the items from us to fit yourself.  For example you might be having a marquee event where you have access the day before the event, and friends to help.  As well as saving on fitting fees, clients collecting hired items from our premises will be offered a short lesson on how to correctly (and easily) fit the chair covers and how to correctly tie the sashes, as well as other tips to get the best results efficiently.