Why Cover Chairs?


Use chair covers at any special occasion to really add that finishing touch.

If you are using a hotel or venue for your special event, even a top quality venue, why cover chairs?  The simple answer is that you might decide that the existing, undressed chairs are unsuitable for some reason. A cost-effective way to improve the chairs is to cover them and bring a sense of occasion to the event.

Example of undressed chairs

A wedding ceremony layout without using chair covers

Why would chairs be unsuitable? Well, chairs in popular venues are used often and are moved around a lot between events.  This means that they begin to appear worn or shabby after a while. Or, you may just find that the chairs are the wrong colour for your chosen colour scheme.

For some people, covering the chairs is not a consideration because the event does not call for it, or the budget is not there, but for others the chairs just need sorting out!

Covering the chairs for an event is a bit like soldiers putting a smart uniform on for a VIP visit. It brings a sense of occasion and style to the event which everyone will notice.

Example of ceremony layout with chair covers

Wedding ceremony layout with perfect fit chair covers

But like most things in life, the details matter.  Dirty or poorly laundered items, creases in the wrong places, poorly fitting items (too big, too small, wrong shape, not on straight), poorly tied or uneven sizes of bows or knots, uneven heights of sashes, wonky alignment of chairs next to tables are all the details that the guests will notice.  It takes a combination of time and expertise to get the chair covers to look right.

Poorly fitting polycotton chair cover

Example of poorly fitting polycotton chair cover

Tip: If you want to get the chairs covered as part of your event, then three simple rules apply:

  1. You get what you pay for (read: if it’s cheap it will look cheap.)
  2. If it’s cheap, what’s the catch? (read: you get what you pay for, so what corners have been cut or service omitted?)
  3. If your budget only stretches to cheap or DIY chair covers, then would spending the same money at the bar, or upgrading another element of the event be a more worthwhile use of the fund?
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