The Wedding Industry Awards 2014

The Wedding Industry Awards
The Wedding Industry Awards

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce that Beau Events has progressed from Regional Winner and National Finalist TWIA 2014 to being given Highly Commended at national level, just narrowly missing the top prize National Winner for our category of Venue Stylist.

TWIA Twitter announcement:
The highly contested Best Wedding Venue Stylist, gives Highly Commended award to Beau Events @BeauEventsFi #TWIA2014

Colours Company

Flowers by colour

A new Flowers section has been added to the Beau Events website allowing users to review information on hundreds of flowers by colour. This is a great resource for those people wanting to coordinate décor and flowers for a special event.
The flowers data includes botanical names, common names, a description, which months of the year the flowers are available and a link to Yahoo for the all important images of the selected flowers.