May 012016

Finally, we’ve made it a lot easier to leave comments on our website! We welcome you to join in.
We’ve enabled login by Facebook on the website for anyone wishing to leave a comment on blog entries. We hope that a community of interested and like-minded people can share thoughts and ideas on what we do.
Hopefully this will not be abused or spammed. We’ll reserve all rights to delete spam, deny spammer access or any other action to keep comments clean and relevant for our community.

  One Response to “Facebook login enabled on Beau Events website”

  1. How to leave a comment:
    Click on the subject heading of the blog to go to the comment page of the blog.
    If you are not already logged in, then click the login link and that will bring up a Facebook login screen.
    Once you’ve logged in you can leave a comment.
    Please keep it clean and relevant.