No User Guide…?

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Nov 282011

OK, where is the manual?  I seem to be facing some Twitter inertia and I need more of a push. Progress: some success so far, but there seem to be a lot of not-so-obvious technicalities and unwritten protocols.  For example the #FF hash-tag.  So the protocol here seems to be that you send out a […]

Is it worth it? Absolutely!

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Nov 262011

Is it worth it?  Absolutely! At Beau Events we try to think of every eventuality and design our process and approach to elimintate problems and manage expectations.  I really don’t like the unexpected and I don’t want our clients to suffer from any lack of planning on our part.  Thus, we have 100% successful execution, […]

First experiences of Twitter

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Nov 052011

Well, here I am 24 hours into Twitter, I had been told on many occasions that it was something I should be doing…everyone is doing it these days…it is a must for businesses. To be honest, I had my concerns: Do I really have the time to do this? Will I understand it? It has […]

It’s not rocket science…

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Nov 052011

Here at Beau Events we don’t get sucked into the trap of diluting our core specialisms and services with “cross-sell” offerings.Instead, we focus on giving our customers what they really, truly want from our chosen specialist area.  We continue to do the hard work of “making it easy” for our customers and partners to engage […]


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Nov 052011

Hello and welcome to The Beau Events Blog. Here we aim to provide some insights into our business, being a specialist chair covers business in the Thames Valley, UK.Our main web site is here: By Mark Flint C5NH26WMHHDT

Twitter… for business… what’s the point?

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Nov 042011

Well, it seems there is business value in Twitter, by creating a network of networks of contacts and everyone happily mentioning a few choice words about each other, all with the hope that a prospective consumer of our services might go to our website and look around based on the recommendationd of others…  Not exactly […]